Resident Lifestyle

The curriculum and call schedule are structured to allow residents opportunity for personal reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation.

We recognize the demanding nature of life in residency and encourage our residents to "find their voice" in their roles as individuals, family, and community members.

Our curriculum is designed around compliance with the ACGME 80 Hour Rule. PeaceHealth Southwest has instituted an Automated Time and Attendance System that will assist the program in monitoring and tracking adherence to work hours.

Call Frequency

R1's: The R1's have two 4-week rotation blocks that consists of 2-weeks Medicine Night (Night Float) and 2-weeks Orthopedics. During the 2-weeks of Medicine Night, R1's will have 4-weekday calls per rotation. It has been the policy of residents to bookend call for vacation weeks, affording residents both weekends around their selected vacation week off.

R2's & R3's: R2 & R3 residents cover medicine call Friday & Saturday nights as well as Sunday day time, until relieved by night float. We have opted to bundle call by creating a Friday night-Sunday day combination and a Saturday 24-hour call. This dramatically lightens the call load for the seniors. OB call is still one in four.

House Senior (Night Float) consists of four 4-week blocks. Each block is split into 2-weeks of night float and 2-weeks of Gynecology. Residents cover the Medicine service while as House Senior, as well as supervise pediatric admissions done by interns. Each week begins on Sunday and goes through Thursday night. The shifts start at 6:30 pm and end at 7:00 am.

Golden Weekends

Interns typically receive one golden weekend per month.


The medical center offers a continental breakfast with Starbucks coffee and hot lunches for all Medical Staff, including FMSW Residents, available Monday-Friday during hospital based rotations. In addition, each resident receives a meal stipend of $100 per month which can be applied for noon lecture lunches; night float meals; coffee and other items available at both the Memorial Campus Deli (FMSW) and PeaceHealth Southwest cafeteria.


As an employee of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, you will have free access to the fitness center 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a variety of cardiovascular, free weight, and resistance training devices, as well as shower facilities.

In addition, FMSW residents are eligible for deeply discounted individual and family rates for memberships at several local athletic facilities such as YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness and others.


The program sponsors a monthly resident support group, facilitated by a practicing physician, who is a graduate of FMSW. Participation is highly encouraged, and content is completely confidential among participants.

FMSW sponsors a Winter All-Resident and Family Weekend Retreat, off campus. All Call and service responsibilities are assumed by core faculty. There are also yearly class-based one day retreats. The R1 event focuses on preparation for the challenges of internship. R2s explore their changing role and the transition to leadership. The R3 experience provides seniors the tools for engaging in the recruitment and job search cycle.