Our Program

What Do We Offer You?

A Comprehensive Clinical Education

Our balanced, full-spectrum learning experience is based on: 

  • Obstetrics - An exclusive teaching relationship with PHMG OB/GYN, a group with 9 OBs and 2 midwives who are making the 2011 RRC delivery requirements happen for FMSW residents.
  • Adult Medicine - We own the service, and manage the workload.
  • Behavioral Health/Whole Person Orientation - Our PhD Behavioral Scientist is joined by 2 social workers and core faculty to provide team care within our PCMH.
  • Pediatrics - We have our own Pediatric practice and Pediatrician core faculty.
  • Quality Improvement - Embedded throughout the 3 year experience with focus during HSM rotation.
  • Procedural Medicine - Community Free Clinic patients are treated along with FMSW patients
  • Practice Management - Advanced knowledge in Quality Improvement and PCMH principles.

An Opportunity to Serve our Community

  • 75% Medicare and Medicaid
  • Service to the major ethnic groups in Vancouver, especially Latino and Russian-speaking citizens. Two language interpreter coordinators on site. On line computer-based interpreters.
  • Focus on the underserved including “high-needs” vulnerable populations
  • Encouragement for community contribution through programs sponsored by FMSW and PHSW
  • FMSW community involvement includes:
    • Free Community Clinic
    • Cervical and Breast Program
    • Sports Physical Clinic (Annual)
    • Area High School Football Games
    • Health Promotion Curriculum presented to 3rd and 4th grade students in the Vancouver School District
    • Southwest Washington Health District
    • Procedure Clinic funded by SWMC
    • New Heights Clinic

A Fundamental Understanding of the Medical Marketplace

  • A “Medical Home” practice environment with:
    • A large “capitated” Medicaid Managed Care patient panel, Commercial, State, and Federal insurers
    • Advanced Access care environment since 2004 driven by team-based care
    • Excitement about improving and measuring Quality
    • Expertise in teaching Coding & Documentation, and Clinical Time Management
  • Learning and practicing success principles now being articulated in Health Care Reform legislation.

Research Interests

  • Treatment outcomes of chronic pain patients with Vitamin D3 — Connie Basch, MD
  • Healthy Lifestyles Project. Outcomes with identification and focused interventions in childhood obesity — Connie Basch, MD, Matthew Reid, MD
  • Outcomes for Diabetics participating in group visits vs. usual one-on-one visits — Christopher Wheelock, MD
  • HIV Care Outcomes in a Community–based Residency — John Nusser, MD