Family Medicine of Southwest Washington (FMSW) is an unopposed community-based family medicine program committed to
providing its residents with a broad based curriculum in a rich learning environment with an emphasis on fostering individual ownership and responsibility for patient care decisions through guided mentorship. The core inpatient rotations at PeaceHealth Southwest occur during FMSW inpatient teaching services, which are managed by senior residents and supervised by residency program core faculty. While attending for the inpatient services, faculty’s sole responsibility is teaching and oversight of the service. This provides a high level of interaction and collaboration to encourage resident learning. The remainder of inpatient education is conducted by community attendings on specialty rotations such as Cardiology, GI, OB and Critical Care/ICU.


Family Medicine of Southwest Washington Rotations are comprised of 13, 4-week blocks per academic year: 2014_tracks.pdf

​Adult Inpatient Medicine 12 weeks
​Ambulatory Care 8 weeks
Family Medicine Essentials 4 weeks
Maternal-Child Health (OB) 8 weeks
​Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine 4 weeks
Pediatrics 8 weeks
​Surgery 4 weeks
Surgery Sub-specialties 2 weeks
​Electives 2 weeks
​Adult Inpatient Medicine 5 weeks
Ambulatory Care 7 weeks
Cardiology 2 weeks
​Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Women's Health (Gynecology) 4 weeks
ICU 2 weeks
Maternal-Child Health (OB) 4 weeks
​Pediatrics and Newborn Care 12 weeks
Procedures (Out-patient) 4 weeks​
​Professional Development 4 weeks
Electives 4 weeks
Adult Medicine Senior 6 weeks
Ambulatory Care 4 weeks
Dermatology 2 weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Women's Health (Gynecology) 4 weeks
Health Systems Management 4 weeks
Maternal-Child Health (OB) 4 weeks
Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine 4 weeks
Out Patient Pediatrics 4 weeks
Procedures (Out-patient) 4 weeks
Surgical Sub-specialties 2 weeks
Electives 10 weeks

Specialty Clinics and Areas of Focus

In addition to continuity clinics, the FMSW residency program includes a variety of specialty clinics.​

Family Medicine of Southwest Washington’s comprehensive clinical education places an added emphasis on:

  • Obstetrics – exclusive teaching relationship with PHMG OB/GYN with nine OBs and four midwives
  • Adult medicine – independently owned service and managed workload
  • Behavioral health / whole person orientation – PhD behavioral scientist joined by two social workers to provide care within PCMH
  • Quality improvement – special focus during HSM rotation
  • Procedural medicine – community free clinic patients are treated along with FMSW patients
  • Practice management – advanced knowledge in quality improvement and PCMH principles

Ambulatory Care FMSW has become an important site for Ambulatory Care education. Ambulatory-based learning happens at both FMSW and at private offices under the supervision of additional community specialty and sub-specialty physicians.

Additional Information

Location Most rotations are located at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, while some are held in offices within easy commuting distance, facilitating noon didactic attendance and ready clinic access. An exception is Inpatient Pediatrics during R1. This rotation is held at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland (11 miles from Vancouver). Emanuel Hospital is a tertiary care, high-volume referral center for pediatrics. 

Evaluations Residents will be continuously evaluated for their knowledge, skills and attitudes in both the inpatient and out-patient settings. Evaluations are done at the end of each rotation and longitudinally. Evalutations are competency-based as defined by the ACGME. The six competencies are:

  • medical knowledge
  • patient care
  • professionalism
  • practice-based learning and improvement
  • interpersonal and communication skills
  • systems-based practice
Residents also participate in and receive self and peer evaluations, as well as evaluations from staff and their panel patients, to complete a 360-degree evaluation process.

International Rotations

Residents can choose to complete an elective on an international rotation. Past residents have done rotations in Indonesia, Haiti, El Salvador, Kenya, Angola, Peru, Ukraine and others.​​