​Family Medicine of Southwest Washington (FMSW) offers a competitive salary and benefit package. In addition to paid vacation, sick days and holidays, the program offers a professional development fund that may be accessed over the three years of residency. The professional development fund includes financial resources for books, software, a smartphone or communication device, conference attendance, employment interviews and days away from the program that may be used for a variety of activities.

Compensation Package





​Annual salary




​Personal & professional time off

Comb​ined annual leave includes 15 vacation, 3 sick, 7 holiday and 5 personal days (33 total days off annually).

​Bereavement leave

​4 days

​Employment assistance program


​Military reserve

​2 weeks, use of PTO time​​


​PeaceHealth Southwe​st Medical Center (PHSW) and FMSW are committed to offering a competitive benefits package that meets the needs of our diverse workforce with a wide variety of programs to choose from. PHSW and FMSW pay a portion of residents' benefits.

​Fitness center

​Residents enjoy free 24-hour use of the fitness center on campus, which includes a variety of cardio and weight training machines, as well as showers. In addition, there are several nearby athletic facilities where PHSW/FMSW employees enjoy individual and family discounts.

​Professional development fund ​Over the course of the three year program, residents are allotted $1,200 to be used for books, subscriptions, AAFP resident dues and approved software, conferences and a smartphone/data device.​
​Meal stipend ​Each resident receives a meal stipend in the amount of $49 per pay period.

Note: Resident salaries are reviewed on an annual basis. FMSW strives to ensure that salaries are competitive and maintain parity with the industry standards for the Portland/Vancouver metro area and resident salaries as determined by the University of Washington. Washington and Oregon tax information.pdf.

 Licensing and Certification

​Category ​R1 ​R2 ​R3
​Limited Washington Stat​e License



full license covered

​Oregon Limited License​​ N/A ​N/A ​covered for Oregon rotations
​USMLA/COMLEX Step III ​N/A​ ​covered - must complete during PGY II year ​N/A
​BLS ​covered/required ​covered/required ​covered/required
​NRP ​covered ​N/A recertification covered
​ACLS covered N/A ​recertification covered
​ALSO ​covered ​N/A ​N/A
​PALS covered​ ​N/A ​N/A
​DEA ​covered ​covered ​covered
Note: PHSW/FMSW reserves the right to change, modify or eliminate its benefits programs without prior notice. Benefit plan participants will be notified of approved changes, modifications or plan elimination in accordance with the terms of the plan and applicable law. 

Call Frequency

R1: First year residents have one week of nights during the maternal-child health (OB/newborn) rotation, which includes weekends.

R2 and R3: ​Second and Third year residents cover maternal-child health (OB/newborn) for one week during the maternal-child health rotation. There are also occasional maternal-child health weekend call assignments.

Golden Weekends

Golden weekends are weekends that coincide with scheduled vacation time. FMSW does its best to allow residents golden weekends, however this is not always possible.


​​Chief Residents

A third year Chief Resident and second year, Associate Chief Resident are nominated and elected annually by all residents. The Chief Residents are approved by the Program Director and revealed at the all resident retreat. Chief Residents will receive administrative time along with additional compensation for their increased responsibilities.