Blood culture in ED prior to initial antibiotic

What It Means
The percentage of patients with pneumonia who have a blood culture performed in the Emergency Department prior to receiving antibiotics in the hospital.

Why It Is Important
We know that when a patient with pneumonia has a blood culture (a test showing what disease organisms are present in the patient's blood) before receiving antibiotics, the physician has a much better idea how sick the patient really is and which antibiotic will be most helpful. If the antibiotics are given before the blood culture, the information the physician has to work with is not as clear and accurate.

Numerator Definition
Number of inpatients whose initial emergency room blood culture was performed prior to the administration of the first hospital dose of antibiotics.

Denominator Definition
Pneumonia patients 18 years of age and older who have an initial blood culture collected in the emergency department.

Denominator Excluded Populations

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