Child Birth Classes

Join us for a series of Child Birth Classes.
Session 1 — October 16
Introductions; goals of class; 3R’s video; introduction to relaxation techniques.
Instructors: Cindy Hudson; Charlene Burns; Charity Gillis; Susan Walsh
Session 2 — October 23
DVD; labor stages; anatomy and physiology of pregnancy; how to time contractions; preterm labor-benefits of a full term pregnancy; induction of labor; and variations from the norm.
Instructors: Teresa Ward; Charity Gillis
Session 3 — October 30
Role of significant other; relaxation techniques to include progressive, touch, selective, and focal points/ practice; visualization; music and aroma therapy; activity, diet, physical and emotional changes; our of OB department.
Instructor: Cindy Hudson

Session 4 – November 6
Feeding your newborn; presentation DVD Early reading; car seat safety; infant CPR; community resources; newborn characteristics; parenting skills; “Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD.
Instructor: Susan Walsh
Open to anyone who is 24 weeks or more pregnant by January 16. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions and you may bring one support person. No sign up necessary.
Walt Shuham Board Room
3100 Tongass Avenue
3rd Floor
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Third Floor of Ketchikan Medical Center.
Mischa Chernick
Phone: (907) 228-8300 x7176