SmarTrack - Surgery Patient Tracking

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About SmarTrack:

From this web site page you can access the SmarTrack Surgery Patient Tracking Board.

On the day of his/her surgery/procedure, each patient is given a unique Patient tracking number (Patient ID). With this number, loved ones can track the progress of the patient they are monitoring from the comfort of their home if they wish.

Important note: Hospital staff and volunteers cannot share the Patient ID number with anyone other than the patient. It is the patient's responsibility to share that number with family/friends on the day of surgery if they wish to do so.

If you have a patient's ID number, you can click on the links above to view the tracking board for our hospitals. Using the descriptive Color Guide and the patient's ID number, you can "see" the current status and location of your loved one at any given moment.

If you prefer to wait in the hospital's waiting area, you can monitor your loved one's progress on the board there.

With this service, we are striving to ease the stress related to waiting for information about your loved one going through a surgical procedure.

Using the Surgery Patient Tracking Board, those who cannot be present in the waiting room can, if desired, follow along from any computer connected to the Internet.

Note: The SmarTrack system refreshes daily at midnight. If your family member is being monitored in SmarTrack over the midnight hour, their name will drop off the SmarTrack Web display. Please do not be alarmed. The system has reset and the next day's surgical cases will display. Please contact the Department directly for updates regarding patients who stay over the midnight hour.