Credential Verification List

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

  November 3, 2015 

RE: Verification of Hospital Affiliation

Dear Madam/Sir:

Medical Staff Services of PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center receives many inquiries daily regarding the status and standing of a practitioner(s). This website has been created to assist you with verifying hospital affiliation in a timely manner. In order to provide you with the most current information, this website is updated monthly after the Board of Directors meeting by the 20th of each month. 

We are unable to continue the practice of receiving telephone, mail and fax inquiries regarding practitioner(s) status for those Practitioners who are currently on our staff. If you wish to verify a current hospital affiliation, we have provided a full list of staff members. When you find the Practitioner you are looking for, you can print the page by placing the cursor on that page and then select Print from the menu and then choose the current page option. You may also print this page along with the Practitioner's name to provide a complete primary source verification. 

View the complete medical staff list in PDF format

Please note that the list includes Practitioners whose application is "in process" and Practitioners who have been given temporary privileges while the application is still "in process". Excluding these Practitioners, all other Providers on the list will have an initial appointment date and are considered to be current members of the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Staff  in "good standing."  The definition of "good standing", as stated in the Medical Staff Bylaws, is:

"Good Standing means that the staff member is in compliance with the requirements and responsibilities of staff membership."

You may consider this letter and list as primary source verification. Thank you for your understanding. We hope that your access to information via the Internet will assist you and enhance your productiveness as well. If you have questions regarding the content of the report, please feel free to contact the Medical Staff Office at (360) 514-2143.

Thank you.

Debbi Madvig, MPA, CPMSM, CPCS
Director, Medical Staff Services