Medical Student Experience in Eugene/Springfield

Overview of Your Clinical Learning Experience in Eugene/Springfield (pdf)

...learn about the Eugene/Springfield area, where you'll work, transportation options, and housing for medical students

Courses Offered in Eugene/Springfield (pdf)

Medical Student Roles & Responsibilities (pdf)

Oregon Health & Science University Students: you must receive confirmation of placement from the Dean’s office or Clerkship Director. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Visiting 4th year Medical Students: since we are a regional campus of OHSU, you must submit your application to participate in our program to the School of Medicine at OHSU. Students from allopathic and osteopathic school should visit their Visiting Student Web Site for requirements for admission and information on how to apply.

Required Orientation Materials for all Medical Students who will be completing their required and/or elective training in Eugene/Springfield are available here.

After reading the Orientation Materials, complete the following quiz and return:


Please read, SIGN, and return the following agreements to 541-335-2343 (fax#):

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