Eugene-Springfield Medical Education Opportunities

MS3 Required Five-Week Clerkships

Students assigned by OHSU Clerkship Director

  • Rural Community Health/Primary Care, one student per rotation
    • Cottage Grove: Daniel Kranitz, DO
    • Junction City: Doug Bailey, MD
  • Family Medicine: One student per rotation, Mark Lyon, MD
  • OB/GYN: Two students per rotation, Catherine York, MD, and Vern Katz, MD
  • Pediatrics I: Sarah Holexa, MD, and Chris Hammond, MD
  • Psychiatry: One student per rotation, John Lipkin, MD, and Bob Brasted, MD
  • Surgery: Two students per rotation, David DeHaas, MD

MS4 Rotations – Four weeks

Fourth-Year Selectives (required) and Sub-Internships

One student per rotation

  • Anesthesiology, ANST 7093, Surgery Subspecialty: Lloyd Biby, MD
  • Perinatology Sub-I, OBGY 709K: Vern Katz, MD
  • Pediatrics II: Tom Roe, MD, or Allan Harlor, MD. Site option 3

Four students per year

  • Neurology 721: Sara Batya, MD
  • Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care ICU Sub-I, PULM 709H, Internal Medicine: Indulal Rughani, MD

Electives Available by request

  • Advanced Studies in OB/GYN: Keith Balderston, MD
  • Arthritis/Rheumatology, ARTH 709H, Internal Medicine: William Maier, MD
  • Cardiology, CARD 709H, Internal Medicine: Richard Padgett, MD
  • Dermatology, DERM 709H: Diane Baird, MD, or Jay Park, MD
  • Emergency Medicine, EMED 709H: Gary Halvorson, MD
  • Gastroenterology, GSTR 709H, Internal Medicine: Christianne Kratka, MD, or Andrew Mirhej, MD
  • Geriatrics Medicine, FAMP 709H, Family Medicine: Margaret Njonjo, MD
  • Infectious Disease, INFD 709H, Internal Medicine: Robert Pelz, MD, and Robert Barnes, MD
  • International Medicine – El Salvador Health Mission: Lauren Herbert, MD (One per year, Winter term, by application only.)
  • Nephrology, NEPH 709H, Internal Medicine: Shalin Sanghvi, MD
  • Ophthalmology, OPHT 709E: Mark Packer, MD
  • Sports Medicine, FAMP 709J, Family Medicine: Michael Koster, MD