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Advances in Clinical Neuroscience Practice 2013

May 20, 2013
Valley River Inn, Eugene OR

Click on the links below to view the presentations (PDF)

Patient Safety in the Neurological/Neurosurgical Unit
Speaker: Andrea Halliday, MD
Part 1: Video
Part 2: Presentation (PDF)

Endovascular Neurosurgery Update
Speaker: Erik Hauck, MD, PhD
Presentation (PDF)

The New Anticoagulants
Speaker: Tom DeLoughery, MD
Presentation (PDF)

Case Presentation: Spine Pain
Moderator: Andrew Kokkino, MD
Speakers: Daniel Hutton, MD; Victor Lin, MD; and James Kassube, MD
Presentation (PDF)

Update on Medical Management for Acute Stroke
Speaker: Theodore Lowenkopf, MD
Presentation (PDF)

Entering the Oral Therapy Era in MS, and a Special Bonus: The CCSVI Story
Speaker: Sylvia Lucas, MD, PhD
Presentation (PDF)

Neuro-oncology and Brain Tumor
Speaker: Andrew Kokkino, MD
Presentation (PDF)

Neuro-ophthalmology of Stupor and Coma
Speaker: Dave Clark, DO
Presentation (PDF)

Headache Emergencies
Speaker: Miguel Estevez, MD, PhD
Presentation (PDF) -- To Come

Update on Hyper-Acute Stroke Care
Speaker: Elaine Skalabrin, MD
Presentation (PDF)




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