Cardiovascular Symposium 2012

Cardiovascular Advances from Primary Care to the Hospital

Sept. 29, 2012
Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon

Presenter Biographies 

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Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Replacement (TAVR)
Dennis Gory, MD

Diastolic Heart Failure
Jonathan Lindner, MD

IVC Filters -- For Whom, Why and When?
Dariusz Zawierucha, MD

Opening Chronic Total Occlusion: New Approaches for Relief of Chronic Angina
Stephen Cook, MD

Comprehensive Treatment for Dyslipidemia
Eric Pacini, MD

Treatment of PAD: The Evidence in Everyday Practice
Craig Seidman, MD

Connected Personal Health 2015
Brigitte Piniewski, MD

Echo Pearls
David Saenger, MD

New Drug Therapy to Prevent Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation: Is Coumadin Obsolete?
Ramakota Reddy, MD

Improving Resuscitation Outcomes: Partnering with EMS and the Community
Frances Munkenbeck, MD

Treating Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
Joseph Weiss, MD, PhD

Neuro Intervention: Stenting Inside and Outside the Head
Erik Hauck, MD, PhD

Straight Talk About Heart Disease: The Difference Between Men and Women
Nasreen Ilias-Khan, MD