Speaker Information 

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center deeply appreciates our speakers' willingness to contribute to the Continuing Medical Education (CME) of our staff. This page is designed as a resource to assist faculty in presenting in proper accordance with the regulations of our accrediting body, particularly in areas of disclosure and conflict of interest. 

Disclosure and Resolution of Conflict of Interest 

All CME planners and faculty (speakers or moderators) must disclose to learners their financial interests in a commercial entity before an educational activity begins, either orally or in written form. Submitting a signed Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Statement (pdf) is necessary prior to the CME activity. Any faculty who refuses to disclose will be unable to present education designated as Category I. 

In the event a faculty member has commercial interest(s) to disclose, he or she is seen to have a conflict of interest that must be resolved. This is may be achieved in several ways, as outlined in the Disclosure and Conflict of Interest form. 

Disclosure of Off-Label Uses 

Experimental or off-label uses must be disclosed to learners during a CME presentation. 

Use of Trade Names

It is appropriate for faculty to discuss drugs or devices when CME topics call for it. However, to avoid commercially biasing a presentation, faculty should discuss classes of drugs and avoid use of trade names. If it is necessary to use trade names, please address drugs or devices made by at least two companies. These guidelines apply whether or not a presentation receives commercial support. 

HIPAA and Case Presentations 

Case presentations are extremely valuable in CME. Keeping HIPAA regulations in mind, faculty must take every possible step to de-identify cases, even in an educational format.  

Commercial Support & Ethics 

PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s CME Program expects faculty to adhere to the AMA ethical opinions on CME and Gifts to Physicians from Industry, as well as the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.  Please help the CME office ensure that no financial support (including in-kind payment) is received directly from a commercial entity to faculty. All monies that may be received for a speaking engagement, including honoraria or travel expenses, must be received and disbursed through the CME office for any Category 1 presentation. Failure to do so threatens our accreditation and results in revocation of credit for the event. 


Speakers on the PeaceHealth St. Joseph medical staff are not offered honoraria, but can be reimbursed up to $150.00 for receipts directly related to costs incurred for preparing an activity.

Speakers from out of town or not on the medical staff may be provided an honorarium, which will be negotiated prior to confirming the activity. 

Download the expense reimbursement form (pdf).  

Credit for Teaching 

In 2006, the AMA granted accredited CME providers the ability to award Category 1 credit to physician faculty on a 2:1 basis for original presentations that have been designated for Category 1 credit for participants. See the teaching credit claim form (pdf).